About Me

Hey there!  I'm Audra.  First and foremost, I am a wife and Mom of 3 children.  All the rest falls in line after that.  I love cookies.  I am addicted to Lululemon and wear something from that store 90% of the time.  I am a Group Fitness Instructor. I love Public Speaking. I have a BS in Psychology from Brigham Young University. I love to go hiking - I would rather be up in the mountains than at the beach.  I am a total bookworm and will read pretty much anything - even the back of a cereal box. I have lived in 7 states and traveled to Paris, London, Brazil and currently live in North Carolina.

My mission through this community is to Inspire, Empower and Encourage today’s youth to have confidence in themselves, be bold with their ideas and be a light to those around them.